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Our Goals

1. Create Affordable Healthcare IT Solutions
2. Make Healthcare Solutions Easy for & Accessible to Every Strata of Society
3. Keep Healthcare Data Private & Safe

Anil JJ

Founder & CEO

OUR Products

Core Healthcare Technology

MetahOS - Healthcare Operating System




ICT + HIS Platform

MetahOS makes running healthcare facilities a breeze by bringing your entire hospital together on one Operating System. Patients, Staff, Facilities and Medical Records are all connected through an easy to use interface that you can access from everywhere.

MyTeleOPD - Digital Clinic





Secure Two-Way Communication Channel between Doctor and Patient; Security to Safeguard All Sensitive Private Patient Information; Works well with Low Speed Internet; Simple and Easy-to-Use; Prescreen Patients.

Wurkwell - Workplace Wellness Platform





Human Resources can now run employee health & wellness initiatives all through the year using the m16.health WeCare AtWork™ Program. From Annual Health Checks, Stress Management to Cancer Screening, we have built all the initiatives on the platform so that you can run it using OneClick service.

Camps & Screening





As an NGO you will need a sleek interface with real-time analytics on metrics such as screening, health camps using Pathology, Imaging / Devices & Rule Based Assessments to Stratify and Provide Treatment Plans.

Population Health





To understand how your population is doing over a geography deploy the PHM Module to get insights on Disease Control, SDOH & Comorbodities that affect your populations.

Home Care+


Service Co's



Service Companies which Provide After Hospital Services such as Home Care for Lab Tests, Medication Delivery, Nursing Support and any other activities. You can now run all of them on a single structured and streamlined platform.


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From Solo Practices, Small Clinics, Group Practices, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic/Imaging Centers, Large Corporate Hospital to NGO’s delivering healthcare in remote areas and Government Healthcare infrastructure

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Why You should choose us?

With over 65 years of collective experience in healthcare and having worked in North Americas, Middle East & India, we have built the Healthcare Operating System which is designed by Doctors and Built by Techies.

Rather than breaking up the industry into bits and pieces and solving one specific problem, we built an umbrella platform which can be adapted both horizontally and vertically depending on the size and scale of your Healthcare Enterprise. From Solo Practices, Small Clinics, Group Practices, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic/Imaging Centers, Large Corporate Hospital to NGO’s delivering healthcare in remote areas and Government Healthcare infrastructure.

We at m16labs strongly believe in the philosophy of Awareness, Adoption and Accessibility. Our goal is to create affordable Healthcare IT solutions, make healthcare solutions easy for & accessible to every strata of society while keeping healthcare data private and safe.

Indian healthcare is evolving and so is the regulatory and governance framework. With our international exposure and experience, we have ensured data security and patient data privacy. We are compliant with HIPAA, MCI, TRAI and IT Act of India. We are all set to comply with the proposed Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act (DISHA), which is around the corner.

Run Your Entire Hospital on a Single Seamless Platform

MetahOS Healthcare Operating System

Digital OPD & IPD*, EMR (HIS), NDHM Ready*
24X7 Call Center, Intercom
Patient Relationship Management
Marketing, Sales & Referral Mgmt
Accounting & Finance with Accounts Receivables
HR, Operations* & RTC*


The big family

A Group of Believers Can Change The Course of Time.

Anil JJ Founder

Anil JJ


Dr. Ashvath Kulkarni

Chief Customer Success Officer

Anmol Malik

Anmol Malik


Dr. Suhas Kalghatagi

Dr. Suhas Kalghatagi

Chief Product Officer - Clinical

Dr. Sri Bhargave Natesh

Dr. Sri Bhargave Natesh

Chief Medical Innovation Officer - Ophthalmology

Dr. Meha Rathod

Head of PR and Customer Engagement

Santanu Sarkar

Chief Business Officer

Arnav M

Head - Public Health & Chief Compliance Officer

Vibha Naik


Robin Antony

Robin Antony

Head Operations

Rachel K

Principal Nursing Consultant

Ashwini S

Implementation Specialist

Faisal Manzer

Engineering Core Team

Asher T




Sharan Jamanani

Full Stack Developer

Abhishek Kulkarni

Implementation Specialist

Mentors & Advisors

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”

BK Kulkarni


Coach Business & Life (CPC) — formerly Vice President at Siemens Information System Ltd Healthcare Group ( Retired)

Dr. KS Gopinath

MS, FAMS, FRCS - Oncology

Indian surgical oncologist, known for his pioneering work on oncological research. He is a recipient of many awards including Padmashree, Dr. B. C. Roy Award.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar

Strategy | Growth | Execution | IoT

Problem solving is what I do – a career that started in consulting with breaking down problems for clients, to now as a business leader, executing through the change and leading people towards the results.

Dr. Santanu C

Dr. Santanu C


Passionate about making seismic change in Indian healthcare system with particular focus on primary care.